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When we take a global look at the different stages a player goes through when playing for the Houston Dutch Lions FC Academy, we can point out six stages that are found in our program:

  • AGE 5-7 GAME/FUN
  • AGE 16-18 LEARN TO WIN

During the season, you will recognize the methods taught when you see the Houston Dutch Lions FC Academy teams, at all ages, building up from the back, putting pressure on the opponent, and setting up combinations in the scoring zone. The Houston Dutch Lions FC believes the unique combination of technical, tactical, physical, and mental development will give players a better chance to develop themselves to the best of their ability and, if started at a young age, have a better chance of making the high school starting team, obtaining a soccer scholarship for college, or even becoming a professional soccer player.


The successes of our programs is consistently demonstrated by the Dutch Elite Youth Academy, which is the most successful and most recognized youth development program in the world today. The Dutch Development Philosophy in place has received the highest quality ranking by FIFA, the Federation Internationale de Football Association.


The Dutch methodology is based on three main moments. In possession, opponents in possession and change of possession, known as, transition. The Dutch aim to initiate play starting from the back, this also involves the goalkeeper, who at times acts as a sweeper, the last man in defense. The main objective in possession is to be organized and take up the right positions at the correct distances from each other, known as, balance. Good positional play, with the aim of keeping possession of the ball, and passing it forward or deep into the oppositions half, will create scoring opportunities.


This philosophy believes in creativity, attacking play, discipline, team-building and technical and tactical excellence.


The quality of a soccer program depends in a lot of ways on its coaches. The Houston Dutch Lions FC is very proud of its coaching staff. We have a staff of great coaches that ensures the high level of the program. The Houston Dutch Lions FC Academy chooses to employ assigned coaches instead of traditional “parent coaches” or volunteers. One of the advantages of the not having parent coaches is that there are no “politics” in the team.

The Houston Dutch Lions FC Coaching staff are trained to coach in a positive way and also make sure they are training according to the proper development plan and train to develop the players bringing out their maximum potential of soccer. Our coaches are true teachers to the game and have a great passion for soccer.


We are very confident the Houston Dutch Lions FC coaches will help develop every player to the fullest of their ability. In the process the coaches will strive to also ensure the players have a great time making the Dutch Lions FC program a great experience for every player in our Youth Academy

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Youth Soccer Academy

Development Plan

The foundation of the Houston Dutch Lions FC Youth Academy is the highly successful and worldwide recognized Dutch Development Philosophy, ranked by FIFA in the highest category of quality. Our academy is dedicated to developing young soccer players by teaching the Dutch philosophy of soccer. Our expert coaches will help you learn the fundamental skills you need to become a successful soccer player, while instilling the values of teamwork, dedication, and resilience. The key objective is to prepare young talented players for to play at exceptional levels, whether it be in high school, college, or a professional soccer career path.

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